New! Due out September 16, 2008!

The Borrowed and Blue Murders
The fourth book in the Zoe Hayes series--


Zoe's got the dress and the flowers; she's even got the groom. Yes, in this fast-paced page-turner, Zoe Hayes is finally about to marry her detective beau, Nick Stiles.

Guests are gathering. Two of Nick's out-of-town, look-alike brothers crash at Zoe's house before the wedding, and, suddenly, Zoe has more on her mind than juggling her roles as mother, puppy-owner, hostess and bride-to-be. A female jogger is found murdered on her patio. It turns out that one of Nick's brothers has bumped into her on the sidewalk that very morning. Who is she? Why has she come into Zoe's back yard?

Not only that, an administrator from the Psychiatric Institute keeps calling even though Zoe is on a leave of absence from work. She assumes he wants to talk about her job, but, after he gets slammed by a car as he tries to speak to her on the street, she finds out that what he wants to discuss is far more frightening and deadlier than she could have imagined.

As the wedding date approaches, the body count grows, Nick's strange elusive third brother appears and vanishes, and dangers from all sides close in on Zoe and her children. People are not who they seem to be, and Zoe must protect her children, her wedding party and herself, even as the wedding guests gather and the family dresses for the nuptials.

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