For centuries, book writing was a one-way effort, with authors creating work for invisible, silent and unknown readers. The connection between writer and reader was distant and intangible; their only link was the words on the printed page.

Now, of course, the internet lets us reach out to each other, share ideas, respond to questions, make suggestions, update each other--all at the push of a button. So, let's take advantage of our opportunity. Make yourself at home here. Look around. Put your feet up. And, if you wish to contact me, go ahead, and be assured that I will respond reasonably soon.

Bear in mind, as you wander through the site, that all my books deal with some common themes. Each of them, even the humor books, focus on the unexpected aspects of life, roles and relationships. Suspense lies not just in not knowing what lurks in the cellar, but also in not knowing what lurks in the world around us, our romances, and our own subconscious minds. My characters, like the rest of us, never know what's lies ahead.

Thanks for visiting. Stop by often. And enjoy!

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The Borrowed and Blue Murders
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NEW BOOK! THE DEADLY NEIGHBORS, due out December, 2007

Paperback edition: THE RIVER KILLINGS, due out November, 2007

AND the fourth Zoe Hayes novel, title to be announced, is complete and due out in 2008.

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