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 Author: Merry Jones  Category: Harper Jennings Thrillers, Suspense  Publisher: Severn House Publishers  Published: 2013  Pages: 224  Country: US  Language: English  Buy Now

In this sequel to SUMMER SESSION, Iraqi War vet Harper Jennings is astonished when Zina Salim, her staunchest rival at Cornell’s archeology department shows up on her doorstep late one night.  Zina is distraught, coming from work, babbling about seeing a Pre-Columbian shape-shifter there.

Harper doesn’t know what to think about the shape-shifter, but she spots an opportunity.  Zina has won an assistantship that Harper had badly wanted, cataloguing a collection of hundreds of Pre-Columbian artifacts recently willed to the university.  If Harper offers to accompany Zina to the lonely manor where the collection is housed, she’ll be able to see the relics for herself.

But when she arrives at the manor, Harper finds more than fascinating artifacts.  Zina is dead.  Suddenly, Harper’s life turns upside down–her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder returns with terrifying intensity, and her husband, who seemed to be recovering so well after a terrible fall from the roof, grows withdrawn and depressed.  Then, members of her old army team start dying…

The closer she gets to the relics, the more danger she faces.  Harper knows the relics can’t be cursed…Can they?