“I LOVE HIM, BUT…” The things men do that drive women crazy!

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“I LOVE HIM, BUT…” The things men do that drive women crazy!

 Author: Merry Jones  Category: Humor  Publisher: Workman Publishing Company  Published: 1995  Pages: 400  Country: US  Language: English  Buy Now

Juicy as gossip, this bestseller reveals the unexpected and invariably hilarious things men do that drive their wives or girlfriends crazy. Collected from hundreds of eager-to-share women (first-names only!) from around the country, the book contains one yummy detail after the next, and makes women realize that, however annoying their own partners may seem, they could have partners who are a lot worse.

“He growls at the dog just to make it clear who’s boss.”
Eleanor, New Haven, CT

“He stands at the mirror, practicing what he calls his ‘sexy look.’”
Sylvia, Evanston, IL

“He asks blunt questions. ‘Pregnant, Sue?’ ‘Dyed your hair, Wanda?’”
Randie, Waukegan, IL

“Sex depends on sports. We have our best sex after he’s been watching sports with his buddies all day…If the team wins, sex will be great. But if it was a bad game, forget it.
Patsy, Houston, TX

Merry’s comments: It was so much fun writing I LOVE HIM, BUT… If you ask a woman for a story, she’ll give you ten. Often, it was hard to get women to stop, and the interviews left us rocking with laughter, choking on our coffee.