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 Author: Merry Jones  Category: Harper Jennings Thrillers, Suspense  Publisher: Severn House Publishers  Published: 2013  Pages: 224  Country: US  Language: English  Buy Now

“Evil can dig in its roots anywhere and can take on many forms. Smart people know that. Kenahara.”

July. Israel. Iraqi war vet and archeology graduate Harper Jennings doesn’t believe in the evil eye. So when Hagit (the woman assigned to show her and Chloe, Harper’s 14-month-old daughter, around Jerusalem) drags the pair of them into a market to buy charms to ward off evil, it isn’t the back luck Harper fears, but the market itself. Close, dark and crowded, the place worries Harper, and when an American man seems to be in trouble, it is only the presence of baby Chloe that stops her from wading in to help.

Later, to Harper’s dismay, she learns that the man she saw has been murdered. So when she’d invited to tale part in a dig fifty miles away while her geologist husband Hank takes part in the international symposium that has brought them both to Israel, she accepts. It will be safer away from the city and the market, she thinks.

Butt Hagit, who’s coming along to look after Chloe, disagrees. She is convinced the evil eye is to blame, and that it will follow Harper wherever she goes…