STEPMOTHERS: Keeping it together with your husband and his kids

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STEPMOTHERS: Keeping it together with your husband and his kids

 Author: Merry Jones  Category: Non-fiction  Publisher: Birch Lane Press  Published: 1992  Pages: 188  Country: US  Language: English  Buy Now

Stepmothers is for and about wives in today’s atypical families. Fifty-two women candidly share their experiences, unanimously admitting that their new roles brought them unexpected struggles and unanticipated frustrations. The private problems they face vary; for some, the births of their own children initiate jealousy in stepchildren. For others, their stepchildren seem determined to undermine their marriages. In recounting their experiences, these women lay out the facts of daily life as stepmothers, involving changes in routines and lifestyles, territorial squabbles, legal and financial issues, the often double-edged presence of the ex-wife, co-parenting problems, religious conflicts, discipline disputes and—diciest of all—her kids vs. his kids vs. their kids. This book compiles hard-won, homespun wisdom, and it encourages stepmothers and their blended families to abandon expectations, finding their own unique blend of happiness.

Merry’s comments: “This was my first book, inspired by my marriage to a man with two children from a previous marriage. I was overwhelmed by the complexity and contradictions of my new role, confused as to how to handle it, completely unprepared. Talking to another stepmom, I found out I wasn’t alone. We teamed up, connected with other women in similar situations, and the result—for better or worse–was this book.