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 Author: Merry Jones  Category: Suspense, Zoe Hayes Mysteries  Publisher: Minotaur Books  Published: 2007  Pages: 384  Country: US  Language: English  Buy Now

A taut, fast-paced suspense novel in the tradition of Mary Higgins Clark, The Deadly Neighbors again features the tension-packed storytelling of the talented Merry Jones.

In this third novel featuring art therapist Zoe Hayes, the neighbors are shocked when a woman’s body is discovered in the kitchen of Zoe’s estranged father, Walter. In fact, they suspect Walter of killing her. But as Zoe investigates further, it seems that the neighbors are up to some pretty shocking shenanigans themselves.

As Zoe tries to prove her father’s innocence, she encounters a cruel ring of organized criminals who specialize in dark and deadly forms of entertainment. Trying to escape their grasp, Zoe—with her daughter, Molly, in tow—must solve a series of grisly murders, but in the process, stumbles into secrets that force her to reconnect with a lost and very frightening part of her own past….